Quality, Uniformity en Continuity
Digiflor BVBA (ltd) is a commercial company with a wide range of home grown Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Pieris. The company has a total surface area of approx. 5 ha (approx. 2 ha of which consists of greenhouses).

Quality – uniformity – continuity !! These are 3 cornerstones that are mainly given attention.
We work with larger pot sizes, hence we specifically serve a particular clientele which considers the abovementioned cornerstones of utmost importance. Our customers are mainly exporters-traders and garden centres in Belgium and abroad.

In our current policy, we aim at maintaining a long-lasting commercial relation with our customer.

A family company
Since approximately 1900, the Everaert family has been active in horticulture at the Bosdreef in Lochristi.
Before WWII this mainly concerned the cultivation of azaleas and rhododendrons.

During and after WWII, when the export of plants was impossible, we switched over to the cultivation of vegetables. As of 1960, the cultivation of begonias was introduced. At the beginning of the seventies, André and Agnes Everaert again stimulated the cultivation of Azalea Indica, Japonica and Rhododendron. At the end of the eighties, Guy first joined the company, followed by Dirk in 1996. They further built out the family company together.

At present aAzalea Indica, Japonica and Knaphill, Pieris and Rhododendron Repens, Praecox, Ponticum and hybrids are grown.