Just like Rhododendron, Pieris (or Andromeda) belongs to the heath family, Ericaceae. Both garden plants bloom in spring and are originally native to South-east Asia. Pieris is an evergreen and distinguishes itself in every garden with its decorative accent. Rhododendron (Rhodo) is the generic name of thousands of varieties. Most of them have been cross-fertilized in Europe with the original species (since the 18th Century). There are lots of subspecies in the rhododendron family, of which at present a selection of hybrid, Ponticum (or wild Rhododendron) and stunting varieties is being grown in our nursery.

Of course one should not forget the Japanese Azalea and the deciduous Azalea Knaphill. Various species smell or have fragrant flowers. Azaleas are Rhododendrons as well, but the use of the word has been established in such a way that we hold on to it.